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1 International Coalition on Abuse and Disability
Provides research, training, and some clinical services to people with developmental disabilities.
2 The Nurturing Parenting Programs®
The Nurturing Parenting Programs® were created by Stephen Bavolek, Ph.D. Dr. Bavolek is recognized for his work in promoting nurturing parenting attitudes and skills for the prevention and treatment of child abuse.
3 The Abuse and Disability Initiative
Compilation of projects initiated to address and to promote awareness of the problem of maltreatment of persons with disabilities and to engage in projects designed to combat the problem.
4 Community United Against Violence Network (CAVNET)
Features articles and resources addressing domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, abuse and other crimes against people with disabilities
5 Disability, Abuse and Personal Rights Project
Dedicated to the personal rights of children and adults with disabilities, with a mission to prevent abuse of people with disabilities and protect others from abuses that lead to disability.
6 Child Abuse and Neglect Disabilities Outreach Project (CAN/Do)
Works to: compile and disseminate "best practices" so that agencies and organizations can succeed in the mission of preventing the abuse of children with disabilities, improve in data-gathering, and identify the best training technologies on child abuse and children with disabilites.
7 Red Flag Green Flag Resources
Offers a variety of resource materials on treating and preventing sexual abuse of people with disabilities, including low literacy materials
8 All Walks Of Life
Works to prevent violence against people with disabilities by collecting data, providing education, publishing reports and working with other like-minded individuals and organizations.
9 My Life, My Choice
0ne of three web sites hosted by Far Northern Regional Center. An online resource library focusing on healthy relationships, sexuality and the prevention of abuse for people with developmental disabilities.
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