Baby Care Equipment

What can I buy to help me take care of my baby and myself?

This chart was created as guide to what may be purchased and used by parents and caregivers to care for a child from birth to 3 without doing more harm to themselves. We looked for universal design, that is, equipment that can be used by caregivers with or without a disability and across a wide range of disabilities. See chart (PDF)

Most, but not all of the items, have been used by our client families. Items that have not been used but look helpful are included. For example, the Doona Stroller was seen at the ABC Kids Expo (a baby care trade show); it looks good but we did not have the opportunity to place it into a car and therefore cannot comment on how easy or hard this is to do.

At Through the Looking Glass, our occupational therapists adapt baby care equipment to meet the needs of individual parents and caregivers who have pain or disabilities. Usually we begin with equipment that is commercially available and then make adaptations to meet individual needs. The chart does not include equipment that we adapt. For adaptations, please consult an occupational therapist in your area.

The chart is an ongoing work of progress. Our goal is to add new items as they reach the stores and to remove items that have been discontinued.

The baby care equipment suggested here is presented as information only. Through the Looking Glass does not endorse these products or adaptations that are developed on the basis of this information. Extreme caution needs to be utilized either in replicating these ideas or in developing other equipment based on these ideas. Extensive experience with parents with physical disabilities and babies is important in order to consider all relevant aspects of baby care equipment. Monitoring equipment and equipment needs through time is crucial because equipment may need repair or adjustment, parents' disability needs may change over time, and the appropriateness of equipment certainly changes over time as babies grow and develop. The Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website is an excellent source of finding out which baby care products have been recalled or are not considered safe.

Please help us with your feedback. Let us know what works and does not work, what has been discontinued, what has been left out. The chart will work best with your input. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to give feedback on any of the products listed or suggest another product that you do or don’t like.