In 2012, TLG and its National Center on Parents with Disabilities and their Families substantially contributed to the National Council on Disability's groundbreaking policy study “Rocking the Cradle: Ensuring the Rights of Parents with Disabilities and Their Children. ” The report was submitted to President Obama and Congress.

TLG has developed nationally-recognized model intervention services, received national awards, published landmark books, and had an impact on state and national policy.  Here are some of our more notable accomplishments.

•    TLG was a national leader in the creation of more respectful and more strength-based and effective services for children with disabilities or medical issues and their families, established nationally during the 1980’s.

•    TLG’s national innovations and excellent performance have been recognized by the award of continuous federal grants since 1986.

•      TLG staff have received national awards for their work at TLG—the Betts (for improving the lives of disabled people worldwide), the Robert Wood Johnson Leadership Award (for national leadership in community health), and the first Alexander Tymchuk award for "exemplary contributions to the field of parenting by persons with intellectual disabilities."

•    Two staff have been graduate fellows of ZERO TO THREE’s national leadership initiative.

•    Three landmark books have been published by TLG staff.

•    TLG has consistently provided services to culturally diverse families—in 2012 91% families of color, from numerous cultures.

•    TLG has received extensive local, national and international media coverage including Eye on America, Prime Time Live, BBC, NPR, Washington Post, Parenting Magazine, S.F. Chronicle, Telemundo, MBC (South Korean television network)

•    TLG has conducted one national and two international conferences focused on disability and families—all highly rated.

•    Groundbreaking legislation was passed in three states (California, Idaho and Kansas) focusing on improving the lives of parents with disabilities and their children.  These were developed using TLG training, technical assistance and information.

•    TLG ‘s pioneering development of babycare adaptations is influencing practice nationally; e.g.,28 graduate occupational therapy programs have purchased its curricula.

•    TLG has provided statewide training to Idaho and Kansas child protection systems as well as counties in California, Oregon and Washington.

Perhaps more significant than our broader accomplishments are the successes with the individual parents, families and professionals.  Here are some direct quotes from some of the parents and professionals we’ve worked with over the years:

“For the first year following my daughter’s birth, I didn’t ask to babysit for fear I would not be able to keep her adequately safe.  This led me to feel not only excluded from her life, but also completely inadequate and deeply saddened.  So, you can imagine the utter joy I feel now to play an active role in my daughter’s life, along with a renewed sense of pride and self-confidence.  Knowing she is totally safe in my care!  Thank you again for the work you do at Through the Looking Glass.”

“Our family have lots of difficulty dealing with our sons lack of communication, tantrums and couldn’t understand him. After a few weeks we started to see a different son.  It has been wonderful to work together with the TLG staff.  The  end of this program has made a world of difference to all of us.  Thank You”

“Having contacted you more than 3 years ago and ordered a number of your publications, I can say that I am IMPRESSED with the organization.  You helped me decide to go for my dream of motherhood.”

“You are my knight in shining armor!  Thank you so much.  You have given me the answers and the confidence to go forward with the in vitro fertilization.”

“The adaptive babycare book is amazing, and we’re already working on our own personal adaptations.  Thank you not only for the work you do!  It will make the whole baby thing a lot easier to handle.  I’m glad I discovered you even all the way here in Europe.”

“This is hugely helpful.  I think I got hooked up with the right people.  I had a couple of other folks refer me to you, too, so that was cool.  Keep up the good work – so vitally important!”

“Thank you so much for the strength and support you showed me when I felt in crisis over possibly having to fight for the right to adopt a baby.  All the staff I spoke with were positive and had great ideas.  It boosted my confidence and ultimately, I believe, led to my success.”

“I can say with confidence that there is no other agency more qualified to serve disabled persons, both infants and young children, and their parents and primary care givers, than Through the Looking Glass.  They are pioneers and leaders in the field of infant mental health services for both social and emotionally stressed low-income families and those challenged by a range of disabling conditions.  Their work has inspired other agencies nationally, and internationally, to provide services to families with the most complex mental health and developmental needs. The depth of their understanding of the internal life of the family and the breadth of their knowledge of assessment and treatment from a dynamic systems perspective is unparalleled.”

From a parent's defense attorney:  "Without Through the Looking Glass, we would not even have our foot in the door in cases like these.  The door would have been slammed shut long ago... We will continue to work on our end, and thank you for all the work you are doing.  We cannot do this without you."

“We have rigorous accountability expectations and Through the Looking Glass has achieved excellent outcomes in its projects.  They have a culturally and linguistically diverse staff providing unique specialized services to families with many stressors in addition to disability.”

From a family law attorney: "Thanks so much for all your help. Perhaps the legal community is finally beginning to realize that exclusion from participation based on disability is discriminatory and illegal."

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