Children on the Autism Spectrum

Through the Looking Glass provides Group and Individual home and community based specialized services for kids with Autism, Asperger Syndrome, and Pervasive Developmental Disorder.
For more information, please contact Christi Tuleja at TLG: (510) 848-1112 ext. 8119.

Social/Communication Group Services

Preschool/Kindergarten Group:

  • weekly group
  • 1.5 hours sessions
  • includes typical kids
  • play/activity based
  • 5 to 6 kids in a group
  • Fall, Spring, Summer sessions
  • Habitot Children Museum location
  • strong parent training component

Social/Communication Group Goals:

  1. Increase child's capacity for longer interactions with peers
  2. Facilitate child's verbal and nonverbal communication
  3. Build the child's ability to form relationship with peers
  4. Increase sense of self and self expression
  5. Develop the child's social problem solving
  6. Facilitate self-regulation in a group
  7. Foster the parent's ability to support and expand the child interactions
  8. Increase the parent's understanding of the child's social emotional experiences

TLG Individual Services

  • Develop the relationship between parent and child through expanding the child ability to communicate and relate to the parent.
  • Help the parent understand their child's unique sensory make-up, adjust the home environment to create a relaxed, predictable routine to improve functioning in the home and community.
  • Teach the parent how to facilitate their child's play, communicaton, higher thinking and problem solving.
  • Provide counseling/support to family members.
  • Consult to the child's teacher and school staff.
  • Provide direct Sensory Processing intervention in the home or community.

Our Approach

We provide a developmental individual difference relationship based approach (DIR) to address the social, emotional, communication, sensory and behavioral challenges of children on the autism spectrum, with a strong parent support and training component.

This approach, commonly known as FloorTime, follows and builds upon the lead of the child in play to encourage increasing play exchanges, which, in turn, strengthen reciprocity, social awareness and problem solving and language development. We assist parents in integrating this engaging approach in all the routines of daily living, encouraging reciprocal exchanges, increasingly robust communication, higher thinking and problem solving.

We also incorporate common sense behavioral approaches and direct teaching-ABA strategies, especially to support more involvement in communication.