Adaptive Babycare Equipment Campaign
Wednesday, 09 April 2014 11:58

Through the Looking Glass has launched a campaign to raise funds for Adaptive Babycare Equipment.  TLG provides Adaptive Babycare Services to expectant parents, parents or parenting grandparents who have issues that restrict their ability to care for an infant or young child.  Although our staff occupational therapists have the expertise and time to work with parents, we currently have no funding to cover the cost of adaptive babycare equipment for these parents and grandparents.

Without appropriate adaptive equipment, many parents and grandparents with disabilities face increased pain, fatigue and often significant difficulties caring for their young children. In the most extreme cases, parents may lose custody of their children because they do not have access to such equipment that can help them care for their child.

Here's the link to our campaign site:

TLG has conducted 3 national studies on the effectiveness of adaptive babycare equipment and found that such equipment can have a positive impact on parent/baby interaction, in addition to reducing difficulty, pain, and fatigue and preventing secondary disability complications. Babycare equipment also can substantially affect positive outcomes in custody and adoption situations.

TLG Contributes to New Book on Disabled Mothers
Wednesday, 09 April 2014 15:16

TLG Staff Ella Callow, Jean Jacob and Paul Preston have contributed two chapters to a newly published book: Disabled Mothers: Stories and Scholarships by and about Mothers with Disabilities. Ella wrote the chapter “Misadventures & Motherhood in the American Courts” based on interviews during her technical assistance to mothers with disabilities involved in child custody situations. Jean and Paul wrote the chapter “Perspectives of their Young Adult Children” which is based on their current 8 year national study of young adults of parents with disabilities.

The book is available from the publisher (Demeter Press) and also through The book is also available as an e-book. To order, go to Demeter Press’ distribution site: or Amazon’s book site:

Conference on Families with Parental Mental Health Challenges

April 25-27, 2014

4th International Conference on Families with Parental Mental Health Challenges

Addressing the Needs of the Whole Family
Ed Roberts Campus, Berkeley, California

This April 25 - 27, 2014 conference will bring researchers, educators, policy-makers, and providers from across disciplines together with members of the judiciary and those with lived experience. The primary aim is to share knowledge and experience, to advance the rights and highlight the needs of families striving to live well with parental mental health challenges. Related objectives include provision of an interactive forum to discuss common experiences, effective and evidence informed support and advocacy strategies, and contemporary, cutting edge, research.

Download more information

New DVDs on Parenting Techniques and Adaptations

Through the Looking Glass announces the availability of three new DVDS on Parenting Techniques & Adaptations for parents with disabilities.  Each DVD runs 40-45 minutes, showing adaptations, equipment and strategies for parents with particular functional limitations or disabilities:

Parents with Repetitive Stress, Pain and Fatigue

Parents Using One-Hand

Parents with Significant Physical Disabilities

Each DVD shows routine babycare of infants and young children such as feeding, diapering, carrying, dressing and going out into the community.  The DVDs include video footage of numerous mothers and fathers with disabilities using different techniques and adaptations as they worked with TLG Occupational Therapists.

National Report on Parents with Disabilities

TLG contributes to national report that includes real life stories of parents with disabilities

TLG and its National Center on Parents with Disabilities and their Families substantially contributed to the National Council on Disability's groundbreaking policy study “Rocking the Cradle: Ensuring the Rights of Parents with Disabilities and Their Children. ” The report was submitted to President Obama and Congress. This study is infused with real life stories of parents with disabilities to provide a comprehensive overview of factors that support and obstruct Americans with all kinds of disabilities from exercising their fundamental right to begin and maintain families.

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